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The Hotel am Markt looks back on a history of more than 300 years.

The hotel has been family-owned since 1951 and is now run by the second and third generations of the family, Jung, Bogner-Schindler, Baum and Bövers.


In 1718, the master baker Franz Göhringer acquires a building site directly next to the collegiate church in the center of the residential city of Baden-Baden.



Two years later, the "Gasthaus zum grünen Baum" is opened despite massive opposition from church and other influential circles. The liquor license is granted only to the Göringer family.


In the second generation, business developed unfavorably, so that the property was auctioned off in 1763. The Jesuits became the new owners and used the building for ecclesiastical purposes. The inn is no longer operated.


After the nationalization of church property, the house is sold to a master baker. The inn is reopened. In 1819, guest rooms are offered for overnight stays for the first time.


In the following decades, the owner or tenant changed frequently. Towards the end of the 19th century, the "Grüner Baum" was granted permission for a garden restaurant and an additional tavern in the cellar.


After the Second World War, the house is confiscated by the French occupation forces.


We would like to take you down memory lane and tell you a little bit about the history of the Hotel am Markt. Not its building, but its people – our father and grandfather Gustav E. Bogner. He grew up in a restaurant called Barbarossa in Kehl. Already as a young man he was interested in good food and the preparation of it. In 1935 at the age of 15 he decided to go to France to make an internship as a chef. In Strasbourg at the restaurant Maison Kammerzell and Michelin starred restaurant Buerehiesel he learned about the secrets of Haute cuisine. After years abroad in Belgium and Paris, also in the war as chef, he moved back to Germany. In 1947 he worked in a leading position at the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden. Always striving to gain more knowledge he passed the “Master chef” exam in June 1947. From then onwards he was in the committee to take the exams together with Alfred Brenner (Brenner´s Parkhotel). In 1945 he met Hildegard Lorenz…


Like Gustav Bogner, also our mother and grandmother Hildegard Lorenz was born in a family working in hospitality. Her childhood home was the Hotel am Friedrichsbad in Baden-Baden. Growing up Hilde wanted to carry on the legacy and take over the hotel once her parents retired. However, as very common in these days, it was her younger brother who inherited the hotel even though he always wanted to become a librarian. That is why, once she married Gustav in 1947 they decided to go into business for themselves. They leased the Hotel am Markt in 1951, formerly known as "Grüner Baum". The history of the building dates back to 1718 but it was last seized by the French troops before Gustav and Hilde attracted locals, spa guests and many celebrities with occupations at the theater and the broadcasting company Südwestrundfunk with their fine cuisine and warm hospitality. Hilde loved being a host as much as travelling. She visited faraway countries such as Japan, Africa, Canada and the USA, which back in the days was a true adventure. To set up a business and to be responsible for up to 18 employees also meant a lot of work and little free time. Hilde and Gustav had two daughters, one of which was even born in the hotel...


In 1951 it is reopened under the new name "Hotel am Markt" by Hilde and Gustav Bogner. The restaurant is visited not only by spa guests but also by locals ( becomes a popular meeting place for spa guests and locals) . The well-managed cuisine ensures that even famous actors and musicians, who have commitments with the Südwestfunk and the theater, visit the restaurant in the heart of the old town. A guest book documents this probably unique time for the hotel-restaurant.


Find from days gone by: a brochure from times when the hotel at the market was still called Grüner Baum and they advertised with running water!



In September 1959, Gustav Bogner's well-run kitchen ensures that famous actors and musicians, who have commitments with Südwestfunk and the theater, also visit the restaurant in the heart of the old town. A guest book documents this period, which was probably unique for the hotel-restaurant. For example, Sir Peter Ustinov and Friedensreich Hundertwasser immortalized themselves there, 10.3.1959.


In 2009, President Barack Obama, together with his wife and Hillary Clinton, visited Chancellor Angela Merkel in the marketplace directly in front of our hotel.



In May 2014, the third generation joins the team. Lisa Baum returns home after completing an apprenticeship at Brenners Park Hotel, years of professional experience in various 5-star hotels in Europe and studies of Hospitality Management in The Hague.


In July 2017 an article "36 hours in Baden-Baden" was published by the New York Times and Hotel am Markt was mentioned!

"Right in the charming Marktplatz, in the shadow of the Stiftskirche, is the cozy, family-run Hotel am Markt (Marktplatz 18m, The building dates back to the 18th century, but the rooms have been nicely refurbished and modernized. Breakfast buffet (included in the price) is served on the lovely outdoor terrace during the summer."


October 2017 - 1,2,3,4

A hotel with two pairs of sisters in the second and third generation makes four women who are happy to welcome you. The team is expanded by Laura Bövers, daughter of Andrea Bogner-Schindler, who returns to the family home after years of working in various 5-star hotels in Switzerland, London and Hamburg. She, too, completed a thorough training at Brenners Park Hotel.


On July 1, 2021, Baden-Baden will be recognized as a World Heritage Site.